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Help and Advice:

If you have children, organize a visit to the Doctor and have them inoculated. Carry the documents with you.

Make copies of all your educational, financial and work testimonials and save them in a waterproof envelope.

The ideal time to land in Ontario would be May/June. Schools start in September each year so you could apply for admission in advance and not miss out.

Pack two suitcases per person, (most airlines will allow that) include all your immediate needs such as utensils, cutlery, thin mattress or quilts. Your Medicare Card will usually take three months to arrive, so secure temporary medical coverage for the entire family for that period.

Most apartments that you rent are equipped with a refrigerator and a cooker. Curtains, carpets and washing machine facilities are mostly provided.

You will find an array of very cheap electronics, second hand thrift stores, supermarket spices etc that will amaze you. Since we have a different electrical system it is not advisable to bring you television set and Hi-fi system with you. Furthermore, the cost of transportation by sea or air when added will usually allow you to purchase these brand new at considerable saving.

As soon as you immigrate, make it your number one priority to obtain your Health Card and your Social Insurance Number (SIN Card). HRDC Canada will also assist you in your employment needs at no extra charge.

If you use our “ landing services” we will pick you up from the airport, arrange for your accommodation in advance, take you for your Medicare Card and SIN Card formalities, accompany your children to the school board for admission.

We will also take you to the HRDC Center where you can access jobs available in the labour market, prepare your resume and circulate it prior to your arrival, pay your rental deposit and other deposits required to secure your accommodation in advance.

We will also introduce you in obtaining Debit Card, Credit Card and Savings/Checking accounts immediately.

Please note these services are usually booked 6 months in advance and are not included in our regular Immigration or normal Visa Consultancy Fee. Please call or write for rates and availability.

If you are of Asian origin, please note you can get almost all the spices, pickles and curry mixes you can ever imagine.

New and Second hand cars are really not worth bringing in as they would have to comply with Canadian Road standards.

We have noticed in some cases Canadian motor vehicles are slightly cheaper than the same brand being manufactured in the US.

There is a good market for second hand cars all over Canada and you can get some very good bargains by surfing the internet or reading “ Buy and Sell” distributed free of charge at most supermarkets.

Make three copies of all the goods you are planning on bringing into Canada. Make a separate list for jewelry, one copy will be signed by the customs officer and handed back to you to allow you to bring these in if you choose at a later date.

Arrange to ship your goods much in advance. Check with shipping companies for shipping time. Demurrage charges can cost you a lot if the goods arrive too early.

Try your best to arrive during the day. Also, book your tickets much in advance as the whole of the North American continent and Europe experience heavy bookings during the summer and fall months.

Ensure that you bring your international driver’s license and your normal driver’s license to Canada. If you do not do this, you will find yourself handicapped and will have to use public transport.

Make sure that if you bring along electrical goods they comply to Canadian standards in terms of voltage.
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