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After Arrival:

Complete your Health Card and SIN Card formalities first.

Make a familiarization tour of the Supermarket, Mall, Doctors clinic, Library, Community center, Schools, Parks, Hospital and the local human resource center. As soon as you have the first available opportunity buy a good map. The closest bus stop and a copy of the bus schedule are very important. See your yellow pages for information. At the local mall or supermarket ask for “ Employment Newspaper”.

If you purchase a telephone and fax machine you will find it very east to float your own resumes. Visit the local HRDC center they will guide you for workshops, job search facilities etc.

You will also find a lot of thrift shops and second hand stores selling very good merchandise. They can be located in the yellow pages. Keep a positive mind set at all times. I can safely attest that Canada is truly a multicultural society and a land of opportunity.

If you wish to get a quote for delivery of your goods from Toronto airport to your door, we can provide contacts of companies providing moving services. Furthermore, If you wish to inquire about moving your entire house (furniture, kitchen items, decoration, etc) from your home in your country to your new home in Canada we can gladly provide further insights on this too.
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